Medical insurance of foreign nationals for Russian Federal Migration Service

The Professional Immigration Agency TIM Services is willing to inform you that the Order of the Bank of Russia dated 13th September 2016 “On the minimum (standard) requirements of the conditions and procedures of health insurance in terms of voluntary medical insurance of foreign nationals and stateless persons staying in Russia for employment” has come into force. According to the stated Order insurance companies have 120 days to meet the requirements of new rules and voluntary medical insurance forms. These 120 days expire on 30th of May.

The key points of the Order are outlined below:

  1. The minimum sum of insurance coverage is 100 000 Rubles. The insurance expires when exhaustion of the insurance coverage occurs.
  2. Validity period of voluntary medical insurance is determined by validity of estimated employment period.
  1. The insurance document should obligatory include information on the region of Russia where a foreign national is employed.
  2. The new form of insurance document with watermark is introduced.
  3. The insurance should obligatory include a variety of information that were not required previously.  

TIM Services strongly recommend to check newly received insurance documents carefully for the compliance with new requirements. This will allow to have immigration documents be accepted by the Federal Migration Service in due time.

Should you have any questions or need more information, please contact TIM Services lawyers.