The restriction of entry for foreign citizens through the Belarusian-Russian border

   The TIM Services lawyers requested the orders of entry for foreign nationals to Russia through the Belarusian-Russian border checkpoint "Red’ky" - "Krasnoy", located on the Brest-Moscow highway. The staff of the Border Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in Smolensk region confirmed that crossing the border is available only to Russian and Belorussian citizens because of simplified system of entry. Restriction for others has the legitimate reasons: there are no international border crossing points between Russia and Byelorussia having official permission to putting the stamp about crossing the border. The staying of foreign national in Russia without this stamp may be recognized as the breach of the established rules for entry. For this violation may be imposed a fine of 2000-7000 rubles or administrative expulsion. The entrance for foreign nationals is available through the "Urbany"-"Silene" and "Grigorovshchina"-"Paternieki" (Riga - Moscow) international border crossing points.